MEETING THE HIGHEST EXPECTATIONS S is Samsung’s flagship series, and consumers expect every launch to bring innovations that set whole new market trends. This key feature of the new S9 was its totally reimagined brand-new camera. But the competition was more and more tapping into the camera territory as well, promising extra number of megapixels, sharper focuses and more brightness; on top, Apple was using aggressive discounts and installment plans, while Huawei was entering a more premium segment. On such an increasingly crowded-camera landscape, how could Samsung prove its S9 superiority among the youngsters, while also generating excitement and buzz around it? To make them consider the new Samsung S9, we had to give them a strong “reason-why” that they would really care about.
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Strategy: THE ALWAYS CONNECTED YOUNGSTERS S9 talked to the always connected youngsters - up to date with the latest trends and looking for new ways of creating, and most importantly, sharing experiences. Social Me Leads Real Me could sum up their smartphone behavior - for them, social media got to shape and lead their interactions. Facebook is the top smartphone app - 84% average of active reach for the 15-35 YO users, YouTube – 62%, Instagram - 45%. *source: Nielsen, Q3 2017; For our target the phones aren’t for voice calls, but a way to communicate visually. A smartphone is a social media tool. STANDING OUT THROUGH A STRONG REASON-WHY Our job was to differentiate S9 through its innovative camera. But since the competition was also increasingly tapping into the same territory, how could we stand out and win the battle of the buzz? We had to turn all the new S9 cutting-edge features into a strong reason-why that would truly make a difference for our audience. So, we started from the fundamental truth about the youngsters’ smartphone behavior: their smartphones are their social media mirrors. For them, what really counts is not so much the processor or the technical specs, but how the content they get makes them look and stand out in social media. Our job was to position S9 not only as a quality content generator, but as a social media booster.
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