In a very cluttered cluster and short period of time (summer period), the brief received was to build a strong brand differentiator for the 2017 summer season, as Cornetto is a rather newly launched brand on the Romanian market (2015). The challenge taken was to develop a non-intrusive brand campaign, relevant to the brand’s target group (teenagers) which in the end will have a positive impact also in sales:
1. Grow brand engagement level of the young age segment who are nowhere to be found except in digital channels.
2. Make the brand voice be heard in the teenagers target audience, advise and be a part of their community, make them feel safe and comfortable.
3. Increase sales by 15% vs PY.

Campaign period: 01June-31August 2017
General Information:
Strategy: - What is important for a teenager?
- The Iphone
- Even more?
- The Internet
- Even more…
- A Crush!
That’s why Cornetto wants to occupy the territory of summer crush. On the Internet!
The Brief: This summer Cornetto had a strong message to pass to 12- 20 youngSTERS, the brand’s global call to action: “Break The Ice”.
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