As the brand brewed to fuel creativity, Grolsch aimed to challenge the music scene by introducing to the world 10 newcomer underground bands. But how does one introduce to the world 10 bands and expect people to listen to them? Well here is where creativity kicks in.
Remember when you were little and loved a band so much you would play their songs over and over and imagine yourself a musician one day, too? For the newcomer bands, we not only gave them the stage to play, but also brought their favorite band, their idols to jam alongside – like a friendly face off between fans and idols. The jams session were filmed and together with Hefe – local artist / music reporter – we turned the concept into an online show dedicated to music.
General Information:
Strategy: The campaign’s main challenge was to find a rich idea for musical branded content for the GrolschRO YouTube channel that could grow the brand’s image indicator as a “beer that sustains creativity”.

In numbers, we aimed to score:
- 5000 views / episode minimum on YouTube
- 100 000 views in total for the 10 episodes, in the first 3 months after the project ended
Grolsch target is represented by men and women, aged 18 to 35 y.o., urban, mid-to-high studies & income, who fall in the following segments:

1/ Core target:
artists – people who earn their living from their talent
2/ Extended target:
a) people with artistic hobbies - they have a day job, but they try to improve their lives by dedicating their free time to a form of art.
b) creative thinkers - who are connected to the creative environment (work in marketing, advertising, PR, entrepreneurship, education, design, publishing etc.); – they appreciate creativity, but mostly from the outside, as they are not used to taking on artistic endeavors for themselves. They dislike Romanian mainstream music, so when they go to concerts & music festivals, the line-up is important for them.
As the brand of experimentalists, Grolsch aims to provoke us to see the reality around us from a new perspective and explore what we truly feel passionately about. This is the brand vision, fueling our creativity every step of the way.
When it comes to music, a creative domain by definition, Grolsch sensed it was time to deliver a brand experience worthy of its audience and the emerging music scene of Romania. This is how “Grolsch Opening Act” came to life.
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