The brief

Orange Romania wanted to promote its most important app, Orange My Account, the app that allows everyday interaction of customers with Orange services, and to make all customers aware of how easy and fun it is now to use. They intended to do so by activating a free Internet offer, only available in My Account.

Objectives & Target

The most important objective was to increase the number of accounts created in the Orange My Account app and encourage users to reactivate their account, while also raising the level of interaction.
Secondary, there was the need to increase the sales for devices and accessories in the Orange Online Shop.
Since it had a free internet offer, the activation was targeted exclusively to Orange customers, very interested in smartphones and data traffic, with high expectations regarding surprising campaigns, wanting more than just another sale promotion.
General Information:
Strategy: In order to convince customers about the My Account’s functional benefits, we realized that we had to bring this app closer to their hearts and to what matters the most to them. We had to make My Account more lovable.
That’s why we chose as best moment for the activation February, the month of love. It was a great opportunity to bring people closer to their loved ones and empower them to express their feelings more, through Orange My Account.


We achieved this by creating THE DRAGOBYTES. With a name inspired by “Dragobete”, the Romanian celebration of Valentine’s Day, they were the digital messengers of love and also the ambassadors of My Account.
Their mission was to help people share their LOVE through MEGABYTES. The Dragobytes brought people together and helped them connect with free MEGAbytes available only in Orange My Account.


The mechanics was lovely simple. The users only had to enter their own phone number and their loved one’s in My Account and the sum of the two numbers was turned into free megabytes for both of them.
In order to help customers share their love even more, the users were also offered special discounts for mobile phones and accessories in Orange online shop, which changed its name into DRAGOshop.
To end with a definition, The Dragobytes were actually the translation of the client’s sales offer (free Internet & shop discounts) into a lovable character, the translation of MyAccount’s benefits into what matters to people.
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