Danone Cremosso is the most indulging yogurt, having several exotic flavours much appreciated by women.

During the month of March we had an activation entirely dedicated to women, of course, offering the most glamorous prizes: 31 indulging experiences such as: a week-end in an exclusive resort in the mountains, a customized jewelry by a known artist, a week-end at a castle, a boat ride on Snagov followed by a premium dinner for two, tango courses... in short, all those nice things that every woman dreams about.

The activation offered 31 prizes, one for each day of the month od March, a moth dedicated to women.
General Information:
Strategy: Obviously, the campaign was putting women at the center, yet it was in the end another activation offering prizes, with people hunting those prizes and not really building on the brand attributes.

We wanted more than “bribing” women to buy from this campaign. We needed women emotionally involved with Cremosso.
In order to build the much needed emotional involvement we leveraged a great insight:
These great gifts are even more valuable if offered by their significant one.

We leveraged the perfect context of the so called “horror triade” 14th of February, 1st of March and 8th of March. This is a man’s perspective, as men are under pressure to give inspired tokens of their consideration to their soulmates.
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