Vodafone was promoting their Pre-Pay offer to the 14 to 25 years olds. Their offer stated that for each call with a Pre-Pay sim, you would receive free data and phone credit. Cool offer! Still, in order to break the clutter of all the other "cool offers" that were shouting at the same target, we followed a totally different path: we went on and walked the talk...by talking to them. For real. On the Phone. Enter the Hai Suna-ma/ Go Ahead, Call Me, a digital only campaign.
General Information:
Strategy: The core of the campaign has been the leverage of a great insight: Vloggers are quite popular among Romanian youth, yet the dialogue between the KOLs and their audience is not really a dialogue, we mean a one-to-one, personal dialogue. Once this tension point had been identified, we have managed to build on it by facilitating direct conversation between KOLs and their fans by phone and used Facebook platform's perfect context for conversation for giving even more power and relevance to an already strong insight. So we gave the audience the chance for a triple win: personally talk to their most loved Vlogger while winning data and credit on their sim and the opportunity to win a smartwatch!
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