IKEA is present in the Romanian home furnishing market since 2007 having only one store in Bucharest. The Bucharest hub limited IKEA in communicating only to Bucharest and surrounding areas.

In a context where the Bucharest home furnishing market was saturated, IKEA identified as a sales growing solution developing an eCommerce platform, thus making IKEA products available at national level where the need for IKEA products was not harvested.

Since the brand indicators at outside primary market area were considerably lower than in Bucharest, the task was to communicate the brand and the eCommerce platform at national level.
General Information:
Strategy: The communication objectives addressed several indicators like brand awareness, interest & consideration for IKEA at national level, awareness and consideration for the online ordering tool.

The target was represented by “the many people” as IKEA calls them, individuals aged between 25 – 65 y.o. with urban residence.

The consumer analysis showcased TV and digital as main channels for our target each of them associated with different objectives.

Thus, we used TV as mass reach media channel while on digital we addressed consumers differently according to their audience profile.

The strategy was developed under the integration principle. Thus, every activation from the campaign, all IKEA assets (TV campaign, direct mailing, social platforms, website) were measured and integrated in the same platform.
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