CONTEXT Beck's Romania wanted to change its digital strategy in order to make a switch from the conventional approach - focused on brand attributes and product presentation - to a more unconventional approach based on experiences and open dialogue with the target. THE NEW PLATFORM So we came up with the idea of Beck's ON, a communication platform based on 3 pillars: music, going out and trends (games & tech). We wanted to capture the essence of the core target (18-25 y.o.) - defined with 3 coordinates: NEW, NOW, HERE - so we designed Beck's ON like a cross-channel platform with both online and offline presence. The first step was to transform the brand website (www.becks.ro) into a content platform that delivers mostly live and up-to-date content on the 3 communication pillars. The next step was to bring real experiences into the digital world. And our users wanted them fresh, in real time and wherever they are. THE BRIEF - THE LAUNCH OF THE PLATFORM Having this in mind and ready to launch the platform, our brief was to make a launching campaign for the new cross-channel platform Beck's ON that can create buzz and at the same time capture its essence.
General Information:
Strategy: TARGET & INSIGHT In order to launch the platform by capturing its essence - experiences defined by the target's needs of NEW, NOW and HERE coordinates - and create buzz in the crowded digital landscape, we needed an innovative approach. One that was never made, one that can make a disruptive statement, one that can both deliver the message and create a memorable experience for our young target (18-25 y.o.). THE SOLUTION We launched the platform with a digital live event with live streamed performances. The live performances were made by music bands and urban artists to capture the 3 communication pillars of the platform (music, going out and trends). REASON WHY We wanted to deliver fresh and unconventional experiences in real time, to bring users closer to Beck's ON essence, to give them a sample of the content and the experiences which the new platform will deliver to them on the long run. In an unconventional and surprising way.
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