THE CONTEXT Stella Artois, named after a star, is a beer that was created in Leuven Belgium in 1926, as a holiday gift. For Christmas, Stella Artois wanted to make its consumers capture the essence of the brand and inspire them to make thoughtful gifts for their loved ones. THE BRIEF In order to achieve that, Stella Artois activated their global Christmas communication platform named “Give Beautifully” and gave each country the opportunity to make their own Christmas campaign in order to capture the local flavor and thus transmit the brand essence in a more impactful way.
General Information:
Strategy: TARGET INSIGHT In Romania, Stella Artois core target is mainly represented by both men and women in their 30s, living in urban areas with a medium or high income. They seek to accomplish their dreams and to enjoy every aspect of their life as much as they can, alongside their loved ones. Yet they are working people and sometimes they get carried away by rush, which makes them forget what’s important in life. Some of them have lost dreams and forgotten passions because they didn’t have the necessary time to cultivate them. Others forget the importance of just spending time with their families – they miss out the holidays. And others just don’t have the time to give thoughtful gifts to their loved ones – they just buy something material on the last minute and that’s it. CONTEXT INSIGHT During Christmas, the frequency of brand messages is at an all-time high. All the brands give out pre-written greeting cards, outdated holiday greetings, offering their products as holiday gifts and bragging they can make your Christmas memorable. The majority of these messages are clichés, making Christmas a merchandising event and a commercial holiday in Romania. THE CHALLENGE In order to differentiate ourselves and stand out in this sea of Christmas messages, we needed a disruptive and unexpected approach on the Romanian market. BIG IDEA #GiveBeautifully – Emotions are the most beautiful holiday gift Considering the brand legacy (crafted as a holiday gift), Stella Artois decided to inspire Romanian consumers to give emotions as a holiday gift, to invest their time and feelings into creating a unique gift for Christmas.
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