As Samsung brand ideal is "Accelerating Discovery and Possibilities", we needed to find a brand campaign idea that positioned Samsung as the leader in technology that helps people discover new opportunity through its devices. We needed to take Samsung to the level of becoming an aspirational brand, by strengthening the emotional bond with the consumers.
Samsung needs to play a catalyst role in the story. Whether it’s via its technology, or via a program they ran in the markets to help the person. We needed to spark a smile, tear, happiness, laughter in the story.
General Information:
Strategy: In the recent years the controversy about the effect of gadgets in our lives has been ever increasing. More and more worldwide brands have created award-winning campaigns urging people let the gadgets aside in favour of real human interaction. Psychoanalysts are drawing attention on the gadget addiction and its dangerous effects – from human alienation, to loneliness, to depression.
More than that, there are a lot of commuters and most of the young ones already use technology to pass the time. But in this case, instead of connecting people, technology isolates them. If you take a look in the subway or in a bus they all seem autistic, cut off from the rest of the world.
Samsung believes that tech evolution has a much greater potential of bringing people together than alienating them. Through gadgets people have come into contact in ways that would have been impossible 5-10 years ago.
It was in this spirit that, in October 2015, we took on the most difficult task: to turn the most iconic instance of alienation – commuters acting like robots with their smartphones – into an intriguing instance of human connection.
The communication target was 18-24, based on their natural affinity for such apps. Young vloggers excited about our innovation promoted the app to their followers extending our target to even younger age, 14+.
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