Our customer, OLX, wanted to generate impact by implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign with minimum costs, but highly efficient. The CSR campaign had as starting point raising awareness and involving OLX’s visitors in the charity section of the website.
OLX gave us 2 campaign objectives: growth on the emotional brand perception and increasing the number of donation of more than 3 times. Based on these objectives, we created the strategy.
The objective of emotional brand perception had to explore OLX’s existing perception on the market, respectively Helpful, Authentic, Friendly and Caring. We had to keep a simple and clean message, but smart and with a empowering touch.
General Information:
Strategy: In the last 2 years, OLX started a CSR newsletter campaign in which they announced the type of products donated each day by the users. This campaign proved to be the most successful communication, with an open and click through rate of over 50% than any other previous campaign. Another key advantage of this campaign was the high volume of traffic generated on the website, which can be translated in more business opportunities.
As a result, the next logic step in terms of marketing positioning was to develop the idea of helping others. Moreover, after a research of the competition we identified a niche in this type of brand perception.
Thus, having acknowledged this background, we identified one of the most important needs of human beings, respectively to be perceived as good and altruistic. Having this in mind, we wanted to create an environment where everyone could identify themselves and find common values.
People tend to keep unused things around the house, like old furniture, dusty books, out fashioned clothes or forgotten toys.
In this context we created a character to which we can all identify. This personage has super hero abilities and uses them to do good things for people in need. His personality has much in common with real people.
Sufletix’s powers come from his will to do good things by donating.
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