Smart devices markets are booming and tend to become commodity. All competitors communicate ‘SMART technologies’ and the Internet of Things is THE buzzword nowadays. More than that, brands find harder and harder ways to differentiate, because of the shorter lifecycle and the frequent new launches. Samsung needs to consolidate the leadership position and ‘own’ the SMART territory.
Regarding our customer, technology is developing a lot faster than consumers are able to understand and use. They own SMART devices, but don’t use the SMART features at full potential - only 60% of the smartphone users download apps and use e-mail and only 44% of Smart TV owners connect TV to Internet. Consumers are price sensitive, resistant to upgrades, since they don’t perceive differences.
Samsung faced the challenge to overcome the limited understanding of superior SMART products added value. Even more, the Smart products are very different in terms of motivation to use and benefits (some are related to household’s needs, others to inner creativity, and others to entertainment). We needed to find an umbrella generous enough to be naturally tailored to all Smart Products in terms of communication message.

We are talking to people that make technology part of their lives (people living in the urban area, 25 – 45 years, medium to high education, medium to high household income), people that consider research as primary tool when purchasing a new product. They are looking for brands that make them special and that are known to be the best. Despite 50% of them stating that they are open and will learn about new functions in the close future, somehow they don’t manage to find the needed information as: 45% use their devices mainly for fun; the majority don’t know how Samsung’s products can positively influence free time or help one learn & develop.

Campaign Objectives:

Perceptual/Attitudinal: Increase usage of SMART features among Samsung SMART technology users and consolidate brand consistency, by owning the SMART territory. Increase by at least 5 ppt behind SMART related attributes tracked: I intend to use more SMART features in the next 3 months; I have discovered new product features and how I can better use them; Samsung SMART products offer new means of entertainment; and SMART technology offers me more free time.

Business: Increase Sales of Samsung Smart Products (Smart TV and smartphones) with at least 20% during the period of the campaign versus the same period during the previous year

Media/engagement: Reach at least 50% of our target consumers. Improve Facebook engagements to at least 2,000 (versus current 150-200) - Deliver high consumer engagement (measured as interactions/downloads).
General Information:
Strategy: Samsung completely made the switch from arid product features and specs to real consumer benefits (life improvement by technology). Samsung launched an extensive LIVE SMART Platform, with the aim to educate people on how to make the most out of their smart devices. The platform spanned across online channels for direct one to one communication (website, Facebook application and mobile) as well as offline channels, for hands-on experience.

Our target is interested in advanced technology, state that want to learn about new functions and despite the plenitude of technology information sources (from technical book of each device, to IT&C websites, blogs and forums) they are not aware of all smart devices benefits. All existing information sources have as common ground the fact that they are showing the technicalities of each device, but don’t show the actual benefits coming from consumer experience (even bloggers tend to describe the technical features and not what they actually did with respective features). On the other side, in order to be clear and focused, advertising campaigns manage to emphasize only one key benefit, all other functionalities being discovered through consumer efforts.
As technology leader, Samsung needed to innovate also in communication. That’s why we tried a new approach – we humanized education and created a peer to peer education platform. We decided to map, find, promote and offer those solutions that improve everyday life and turn it into a smarter version. We had to train people into adopting technology and giving up reluctance. We put people together and let them exchange new ways of using the available technology, to build a collection of advices on how technology can help and improve people’s lives. A real-life Samsung technology guide.
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