In 2014, Lenovo launched the Lenovo TAB A8. The product addressed a younger target, teenagers that are, just like the TAB A8, colorful on the inside & outside.

In Romania, the portable device market is overcrowded. More so, Lenovo’s main competitors are better known on the tab market, Lenovo being mainly recognized as a PC company.

With this background in mind we needed to find a way to:

• Convince our target to consider Lenovo as an option when it comes to purchasing a tablet;
• Increase sales for the Lenovo TAB A8 device;
General Information:
Strategy: Taking a look at what the competition was doing, we noticed one thing: tech companies choose to speak about their products as if potential buyers are all geeks consumed by technical details. Product launches and reviews are technical extravaganzas of data and features, with no focus on how that device is useful to the user.

So, to make the TAB A8 stand out in this crowd, we needed to find a way to present the features of the TAB A8 and its benefits, using the language and considering the interests of its potential buyers: youngsters.

To make this happen, we had to find a way to connect with the younger audience. Our message needed to come from a voice young people follow, someone they look up, think is one of their own and trust to tell them what’s what.

Due to its incredibly large audience and the power of stamp of approval, Doza de Has – the biggest video blog community in Romania – was our first option. It’s author, Mikey H. could, with a simple review, turn the Lenovo TAB A8 form yet another tab into the “it” device of the day.
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