As the economy segment became more important, competition got bigger and stronger in this segment of the beer market. Neumarkt was perceived as a beer enjoyed only by lower social categories. With low levels of brand indicators like „high quality” and “spontaneous brand awareness”, Neumarkt seemed to be in a bad position to fight the battle for growth in the economy segment.
In such a dynamic, highly competitive market, price just wasn`t enough anymore. The only chance was to identify a very strong and relevant differentiator of the brand. Neumarkt had to re-invent itself.
The main strategic decision was to own the territory of unapologetic masculinity and make it increasingly stronger for the consumer segment that would bring us a sustained growth. Our target is composed by middle-aged males characterized by self-confidence, determined and down to earth, proud of all they have and do, people who are always striving to achieve more for themselves and their family. For them, beer is all about improving the mood and needs be savored and enjoyed, during the week-end or when they come back from work. They don`t like complicated, pretentious or fluffy stuff. They like a good joke, over a good beer, enjoyed with good friends.
What we found out following in depth consumer interviews was that a good beer and a good laugh go best by a lake, with a fishing rod in hand. Fishing is a favorite past time, best enjoyed with a strong, bitter beer by the side :-). Neumarkt started entering this territory, with presence in dedicated fishing titles and magazines, sponsoring fishing competitions across the country.
In 2014, Neumarkt decided to take an extra step and 100% own the fishing territory. How else but by having its own fishing related content, for fishermen across the country to enjoy and get involved in. The big idea: partnership with the biggest online and TV supplier, Pro TV, to launch a fishing competition, replicating the Voice of Romania format: 4 advanced fishermen as “mentors”, each of them selecting 3 beginner fishermen in order to transform them into professionals.
General Information:
Strategy: We launched the biggest branded content project, involving the users in the casting phase, building on the association of Neumarkt with fishing.

Media channels used:
IBU sites
Pro TV Social media assets
Direct mailing
2) TV
sport.ro – main TV station
Pro TV – secondary station (for cross promo)
Video Link: