The annual promo campaign was big and very important for the client’s results in Q4 2014. The client objective was to, at least, maintain the redemption rate for the promotional codes from promo pack. The translated-to-media objectives were to increase the overall campaign reach and to communicate the message in the best moments that can inspire customers to eat chocolate.We've aimed to create new moments for chocolate consumption.
In Romania does not exists a tool that de-duplicates TV & online reach but we had to find a way to overpass this limitation and deliver a highest possible unique reach
General Information:
Strategy: In order to achieve a bigger unique reach, we wanted to avoid the overlapping of TV viewers with digital users and in the end to be able to estimate unique reach TV+DIGITAL.
Because our agency have a proprietary consumer research (CCS) that identifies the consumer behavior including media consumption we could identify the “NON TV watchers” = people in our target that do not spend time or spend less time in front or a TV device.
We have decided to place the TVC on Youtube and target here only the “non-TV watchers” (with the targeting tools/options from Youtube). We could define the NON-TV watchers by using the CCS data and match life statements with Youtube interests for our Target audience
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