The Good Company1 - Stiu o poveste

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Canon Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Photo / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Based on the premises that the global campaign had behind the stories of The Calcio Storico (the famous Roman football game revival -, the local campaign should have been bold, interesting and impactful as well. HOW DID WE DO THIS? For the first time, our strategic approach was to take advantage of the power of the stories in communication but, more than that, to move one step further, focusing on STORYTELLING THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY (because Canon is an imaging company and communicates by means of the power of the images). Thus, we invited our Canon fans to discover and capture new and fascinating stories from all over Romania, revealing unusual, thrilling opportunities that the world offers to us if we are willing to explore a little further, go round a different corner, go left when we usually go right. REASON WHY: Canon is a brand which offers more than the tools for photography, the inspiration to uncover moments and experiences along the way (this way, we don’t communicate the products, but show scenes with huge potential for a photographer, reveal the emotional impact behind a photographer, creating memorable and long-lasting photophiles, an imaging experience of a generation for the future generations). CREATIVE IDEA: “I know a story – Stiu o poveste” campaign, the local approach of Come and See new concept. The main purpose of the local campaign was to communicate the new Come and see concept and, more than that, to inspire the Romanians to go and discover real-life captivating stories from all over the country and to capture them through text, videos or photos. TARGETED AUDIENCE: The concept allowed us to enlarge our targeted audience and to reach a wide variety of influencers, from different areas of interest (travel, fashion, lifestyle, go out, entertainment, sport, media & advertising, art, IT&C, phtography, etc) – because anyone can become a part of Canon community, we are all passionate about the world around us and we want to capture it in our own, personal way. The campaign objectives had been clearly defined from the beginning – a powerful awareness campaign, with a strong digital component, whose purpose was to communicate the new positioning of Canon in Romania and the concept behind: - Campaign overall expected results: print & online articles’ reach - 200.000, newsletters reach - 100.000 - SM overall results: Facebook (800.000 updates reach, 6000 new fans on the page, 8.000 update likes, 300 new comments, 100 shares), YouTube videos (50.000 views) - Event results: 100 relevant influencers present to the event, 40 articles post-event, 50 SM updates - Special OOH communication project: 3.500.000 people targeted


The campaign approach: a 3-phases campaign (teasing, reveal and follow-up), each with distinct communication components, integrated under the same “Stiu o poveste” umbrella. Teasing: - Three well-known endorsers from different areas of interests were selected and sent to discover new places or special people all around the country (Vlad Petreanu - highly appreciated journalist and blogger, Doru Panaitescu - wildlife seeker and adventurer and team - a well-seen design and architecture platform). They returned home with living proofs of the things discovered: written materials, videos, photos about a reconstructed antique village in the mountains, a unique inn in the country and one story of a person with a special passion for heights. We started the campaign with teasing communication materials, stirring the interest on the subject (teasing video, article and photos). Reveal: - The campaign was officially launched during a unique event attended by all major press, media and influencers in the country. - The concept of the event was to transform the existing space, an art gallery, into a "camera obscura” - the objective was to make the transition from the detached way of looking at the photo to a professional experience and invite the guests inside a camera obscura, so they could understand the process from the inside and the impact of visual stories on their everyday lives. - The space had several elements that suggested the "camera obscura" - scenography elements with specific furniture: chairs, tables, decorative upside-down ceiling, interactive screens, mirrors, projection images on the floor etc. - The evening started with a special artistic moment: the first live projected dance in the camera obscura (the floor used as it was the ceiling), highly appreciated by all the endorsers present at the event. It was the perfect opportunity to present the campaign in all aspects, to explain the new concept and invite the guest to come and see real life stories, the gladiators that inspired the new campaign and the local videos created with the endorsers’ help - During the event we also launched the Facebook app “Stiu o poveste” which moved the focus from the influencers to the consumers, inviting them to take part in the project and reveal special stories around them as well - we proved that the visual stories are all around us, we just have to be willing to go and look for them. In the app, fans were able to upload their own multi-layered content, they were able to choose between video, photo, text or all of them. Follow-up: - After the official launch in Romania, Canon Come and See new concept was on everybody’s lips – we targeted a wide range of endorsers who started telling their own story about a special people/place in their lives, illustrating their choice with impactful photos.

Case visual: