CONTEXT: 1. 2015 was the year when the planets aligned and Clickshop.ro’s 4th anniversary fell right on Easter holiday! 2. Too many online stores, all communicating discounts during the Easter Holiday. Most of these campaigns are aggresive, focused entirely on price communication (hyper price, mega discount and ultra promotions). BRIEF: Communicate both the Clickshop anniversary and the Easter discounts. OBJECTIVE: Leads and sales
General Information:
Strategy: PROBLEM: How to make a sales campaign that will stand out, against all those 100 similar campaigns? INSIGHT: During the Easter holiday, there is a rising trend on Google Search for "music festival". People start to organise their summer agenda and search for upcoming music festivals and lineups. STRATEGY: Make use of this rising trend on Google and communicate the Clickshop discounts in the form of a music festival you should not miss.
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