Frozen food had a misperception: unnatural, almost expired (the truth is exactly the opposite: it is very likely that any frozen vegetable is fresher than a vegetable who stayed 3-4 days on a shelf)

Communicate the benefits of frozen foods from Edenia. Endorse the "Minus is the new plus" concept.

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Of course that any vegetable picked straight from the garden is the freshest ingredient you can get. But the vegetables you are buying from the hypermarket are not picked from the garden yesterday. Frozen foods means that the vegetables are frozen in less than a day after they were picked, making them actually a more nutritios and fresher alternative to hypermarket vegetables.

Cooking is trendy on Facebook. Everyone loves to show-off their culinary creations. Very important to notice: most of this wave was actually triggered by the first Master Chef show.

Everyone would like to cook at home. But for those with a difficult day job and little time to spare in the evening, it might be difficult to find time to cook.

The most boring part in cooking is peeling and slicing vegetables. This activities can take up to 60% of the total effort.

We selected two of the main protagonists of the first Master Chef edition (Bogdan Alexandrescu and D'Artagnan) and asked them to show our Facebook fans that cooking can be easy, fun, sweat-free and classy if you have the right partner to save you time and effort.
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