SEAT launched a new model (Leon ST), with an extremely generous trunk (1470 liters)

Communicate the unusually large trunk size for a car in its class.

Awareness, leads
General Information:
Strategy: PROBLEM:
Communicating just a"large trunk" doesn't make a difference.
Communicating "1470 liters" is an abstract notion, many potential customers being unable to associate the liters with the effective size of the trunk.

The easiest way to convince is to show examples.At the end of the day, the large size of the trunk translates into "how many items can you fit inside".
Each person is different. For someone it might be important to be able to fit into the trunk a tent and a guitar, while for somebody else it is more important to fit a tennis equipment, a picnic table and two power tools.

Instead of using computer simulations, in order to provide users with a genuine experience, we decided to show the real process: real objects, real car, real driver.

We centered the entire campaign around the experience to place an object inside the trunk and see how it fits. The central point of the campaign was a site in a dual version (desktop and mobile). On the site, any user could write any object they could think of and see in real time how that item can be put and fitted inside the trunk.

In order to collect leads, we offered the possibility to fill-in a form and if you were the person who put inside the trunk the last item in the full trunk, you would win a weekend test drive with the new Leon ST.
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