The background

Indygen is a newly launched Romanian telecom operator, targeting the always connected young generation.

Instead of an expensive smartphone subscription plan where the provider has the final say on how many minutes of conversation you need, how much time you can spend online and how many SMSs you are allowed to send, THE INDYGEN smartSIM CARD offers you THE POWER OF CHOICE. Each month, you are the one who decides what’s the best way to use your available Indypoints.

The Romanian telecom market is highly competitive. The main competitors, Orange, Cosmote and Vodafone, are among the biggest advertising buyers in the country.

The challenge

In a David vs. Goliath competition with the established telecom powerhouses, Indygen had to find an innovative way to reach the target - youngsters.

But the real challenge was to create a brand identity that expressed COOLNESS. With NO media budget and NO pumped up special deals & offers, Indygen had to convince the smartphone obsessed generation of youngsters to try out the INDYGEN smartSIM.
General Information:
Strategy: In order to connect with our target audience, we had to find a communication channel that they were already using on a regular basis.

Plus, we had to find a voice young people really trusted.

Due to its incredibly large audience and power of a stamp of approval, Doza de Has – the biggest video blog community in Romania – was our first option.
Video Link: