Having mainly “standard banners” for the last 3 digital campaigns the performance of digital communication started to decline. Even with a limited budget the client wanted a solution to overcome this problem. The client needed a solution to capitalize on the newest Chevrolet model (Chevrolet TRAX) use the existing TVC assets with no budget for TV.
The solution we have proposed was to create a cross-media project that will stand out in the digital market. In the same time we have planned to use the TVC to have as many as possible complete views to substitute the absence on TV from the communication mix.
General Information:
Strategy: The target audience of Chevrolet Trax are young families. We have started from the insight that some of the main activities families are doing online are: playing games, sharing pictures, booking the next holiday or looking for ideas about spending time with the entire family.
The solution to the client brief & objectives was to create a game that challenged the users to find some objects into an interactive video. As reward for finding all the objects the user could upload a picture that was shown for 10 seconds on the biggest Romanian digital OOH (the center of Bucharest on COCOR store facade).The participants could also win a 5 days VIP drive test & a holiday with Chevrolet TRAX.
Video Link: