MediaCom Romania - Oral-B Power Oral Care (“I will never go back to a manual toothbrush”)

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: P&G

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Fmcg / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

The brand objectives were very clear. 1. Business objective: a. +20% sales increase (Sep – Dec 2013 vs. May-Aug 2013, Source: Client internal data) 2. Brand objectives: a. +30% increase in awareness (Dec 2013 vs. Sep 2013, Source: iVOX Quantitative Research) b. +20% increase in purchase intent (Dec 2013 vs. Sep 2013, Source: iVOX Quantitative Research) However, the marketing challenge was obvious as well: how can we convince Romanian consumers to buy a very expensive and complex product, in a low involvement category? From the very beginning it was clear that in Romania, Oral-B electric toothbrush was not a mass product. The first strategic step in developing our campaign was to identify a niche of potential consumers that would be wide enough to deliver on the campaign objectives, but also specific enough to react to our message. First and foremost, they needed to have high income (over 3,500 Lei / household) that would allow them to afford an electric toothbrush. Secondly, we looked for people with high involvement in personal care. We identified a very interesting and rising category or Romanian consumers: People with a “healthy attitude” in life. For them, health is not the absence of illness; it’s more of a lifestyle. They practice sports more than the average Romanians, try eat healthy, use high quality personal care products, are interested in eco-bio alternatives, get prevention treatments (health and beauty), have annual check-ups and so on. They are also open-minded people, opinionated, intellectual and creative (the kind that listened to Radio Guerilla). Due to their busy lives, they use the internet for information and also for shopping (idx. 160% - online shopping compared to general population, Source: Sesame SNA 2013). When it comes to oral care their involvement is way above average. They take good daily care of their teeth and go to the dentist periodically for prevention (Source: Sesame SNA 2013). The dentist recommendation is also the most powerful influencer when choosing oral care products (Source: Sesame SNA 2013). Positioning the Oral-B electric toothbrush in the trusted and valued dentist universe (instead of the uninteresting toothbrush category) would automatically associate our product with all the benefits people seek when going to the dentist (prevention through professional cleaning) in an implicit manner. Suddenly our strategy became clear. We needed to change the frame of reference: FROM better than a regular toothbrush TO the dentist experience in your home. Our product would no longer play in the same league as traditional toothbrushes; it would work together with doctors for improved oral health. Changing the frame of reference allowed us to change the disadvantages into advantages: Price barrier: FROM 20 times more expensive that regular toothbrush TO similar investment as 1 dentist routine treatment (but with a 5-year usage) Complexity barrier: FROM a highly complicated product TO as complex as the professional tools used by the dentist.


The executions featuring Mihai Dobrovolschi took the leading part of our campaign, sustained by the executions with Adela Popescu, for the female audience. Half of the campaign budget was invested in online – the channel with the highest affinity on our target (objectives: education but also direct sales). We capitalized on our target’s preference for online shopping and developed an online platform that not only contained educative information about Oral-B range of power toothbrushes, but also generated instant purchase. At the push of a button users were directed to the Oral-B page on eMAG where they could buy the product on the spot. The media campaigns used a website mix tailor made for the campaign target audience (high affinity & potential reach) and a creative format mix of standard & expandable banners, brandings and several variants of video banners (pre-rolls, floating, interstitial). We employed different variants for the brand messages, from the dentist showcasing Adela & Dobrovolschi the Oral-B product, to them showcasing the special gifting variants available for purchase (black gadget for men, pink variant for women, kids version) guiding the consumer on the path to purchase. To amplify the endorsers take on the product benefits, we posted on YouTube the extended versions of the commercials that featured the dentist explaining the product in detail to Dobrovolschi and Adela. For the gifting leg of the campaign (Nov-Dec 2013) we used special videos with Adela & Dobrovolschi showcasing the special black, pink and kids Oral-B products. Overall, all YouTube executions generated more than 4.4 mil views on YouTube during the campaign period (Oct – Dec 2013). To improve even more the overall sales results, we have overhauled the entire Oral-B product lineup on eMAG to drive further consideration from within the eMAG product page and facilitate purchasing for potential customers. TV & print media channels helped build up the product awareness among the target audience in the initial campaign phase (Sep 2013). We also supported the campaign with increased focus of in store presence: in some stores where the product was placed at the electrics section it also had a secondary placement at the oral-care category. Even though the campaign started in Sep 2013 (with TV & print), the actual component that turned awareness into interest and then into sales was the digital campaign. This was very visible in the search results & volumes (related to Oral-B & electric toothbrushes) generated starting in Nov-Dec 2013.

Case visual: