For the new-car market segment, often shadowed by the more increased sales of second-hand cars, the re-launch of the REMAT program is an opportunity. As 2014 is the last year in which the Rabla program is run, a perfect context was created for Volkswagen to promote its offers. This is why a special Landing Page was created for the presentation of the car models & their offers and a Google Advertising campaign was run during March 15 and April 15, 2014.
General Information:
Strategy: The auto market in Romania has been decreasing in the past years, especially for the new-car segment. This is why the re-launch of the REMAT program (in which part of the money for a new car can be provided by the sale of an old car) was an opportunity. Volkswagen launched offers for several models of the VW portfolio and promoted them in an advertising campaign that included Search, Display and Remarketing.


- Lead generation
- Between 3% and 4% conversion rate

Men, 25+
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