Strategic business and marketing challenge:

As the undisputed leader of the smartphone market, Samsung assumed leadership in innovation and launched a new sub-segment of smartphones, Galaxy Note – a “phablet”, combination between phone and tablet.
However, its key advanced functions (such as hand writing with the device unique S-pen, drawing or editing directly on the display) positioned Samsung Galaxy Note more as a device suitable for dedicated professionals activating in very niche creative sectors.
In Romania, in November 2012, the launch campaign for Samsung Galaxy Note managed to establish this product as a creative device for creative people (by leveraging the endorsement of a well-known Romanian creative director), but the potential of sales growth and breaking the “niche product” gloom was extremely limited, as only 5% of urban population is working in creative services like architecture, IT, education, mass media, marketing & advertising (based on September’11 – June’13 SNA data).

Therefore, in 2013, with the launch of the new Note 3, Samsung was challenged to identify means of further growing Note category penetration, by extending brand proposition and making Note’s function and positioning as a creativity enabler relevant and appealing to a much broader audience. Samsung Galaxy Note needed to change the point of view of a nation towards creativity, from a trait confined to selected few to an essential ingredient for professional and social success.

Target audience:
Our extended target included therefore all Generation X, urban, educated people, with medium and high income. They were raised in strict conformity with communist mentality that frowned upon creative thinking and encouraged staying within the norms. As a consequence, 71% of them consider that in life one should always respect established conventions and do what society dictates is proper (based on September’11 – June’13 SNA data).

Overall campaign objectives (including metrics used to evaluate success):
1. Behavioral: at least half of our target audience to recommend Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Source: post campaign quantitative study among target audience)
2. Perceptual/Attitudinal: at least half of our target audience to realize the importance of creative thinking in society development (Source: post campaign quantitative study among target audience)
3. Business: increase overall Galaxy Note sales by 30% versus Nov’12 results, as a consequence of extending the market by 60%, by the inclusion of urban, educated people, with medium and high income, young parents, not working in creative services, based on Sep’11 – Jun’13 SNA data (Source: client’s sales data)
General Information:
Strategy: The tension that we decided to tap into was coming from the fact that, as a natural consequence of the life stage they attained, most of them are parents of young children. The children of the revolution are now the parents of the next generation: the shapers of the future. But how can they encourage a forward-thinking, experimental approach in their young, if they have been confined within a mentality that labels creativity and freedom of expression unprofitable, politically subversive, the key to failure?
Just as smartphones change generations, so do people! The children of the revolution are now the parents of the next generation, the shapers of the future and Samsung Galaxy Note’s target audience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 should go beyond its positioning as a product for creative people and change the mentality of a nation, from NORM to CREATIVITY through a social statement proving that, paradoxically, our target’s own generation’s creative thinkers are today’s top of society.

Our educated target laid their educational foundation under communism strict developmental rules, therefore ended up by under rating creativity, considering it a rare talent and not cultivating or encouraging it, despite being essential for succeeding in today’s society.

Even our educational system has a very rigid curriculum which delivers uniformly developed graduates who have to find their way in a very competitive environment afterwards. Being creative, spontaneous and open minded is the key of success for upcoming generations. We needed to shift perception, prove the importance of creativity and establish our product as a tool for its development.
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