Compared to the rest of Europeans, Romanians do not practice a lot of sports. Only 8% of them practice sports regularly. When they do practice sports, they like to do it outdoor or on the way to/from work. This means they also go out with bikes or run in the park!

The 2013 re-launch of Rexona was based on the local insight that people are not very active (in terms of sports and daily movements) in Romania and therefore, Rexona wanted to encourage and inspire them to BE: ACTIVE.

By targeting a mindset not a demographics – ‘The Doers’, those men and women who get out there and make things happen, challenging themselves and having the determination to see things through, Rexona wants to encourage people to do more. For those that Do, Rexona says do more, because we won’t let you down.

The new communication DO:MORE takes the brand’s efficacy promise and leverages it to drive confidence: from merely removing a negative, to paying a positive impact on peoples’ life.
General Information:
Strategy: We chose mainstream sports (biking, skiing, running) as our main communication ‘hook’ for the DO: MORE campaign to inspire and energize Romanians to be active in a way that fits them! The first sport to start with was biking,


In the urban areas bikes are seen as a great option for spending the free time.

1 on 3 urban residents used a bike in the last 3 months and 25% of urban residents plan to buy a city bike in the near future.

Bike sharing initiatives (in parks) are starting to appear in all major cities of Romania.

Bikes can be made to fit all needs, genders, seasons, locations (urban or rural)!
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