2activePR - The Bergenbier Frienship Cup

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Bergenbier SA

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Drinks/Alcohol / Participant

Strategy description:

Inspired by the passion of the Romanian football supporters, we decided to raise the stakes of the game through a surprising competition – The Bergenbier Friendship Cup. Football among friends deserves to go where the Romanian national team didn’t succeed in going – to Brazil 2014, any supporter’s dream, a place where football among friends is a way of life. So we’ve created the biggest national football competition for amateurs, where every team of friends could join and compete for the big prize: to play the final of the “Bergenbier Friendship Cup” in Brazil, during the World Cup 2014. Our strategy was to use the competition in order to imprint strong values (such as trust, friendship and solidity) into what football represents (play, support, write a new history). We aimed: to transform football into something different – it’s not just sport, it is pure pleasure and interaction with friends!


A creative idea to generate buzz with a limited budget? We did it as planned! First a video teaser was released anonymously on a sports media platform (six Brazilian football players challenged Romanians to come play football together in their country). Interest was also sparked through some spectacular stunts – people played football in theatres, among statues in downtown Bucharest, in a mall, on the roof of a sky scraper etc. To enhance the buzz effect even more, we’ve created a spectacular launch event! We invited five famous sportsmen, close friends in real life, to play football on the highest heliport in Romania. It was a game to remember! They created an outstanding football game, as never seen before, not to mention the impressive views of the high-sky heliport, at 72 meters altitude. By choosing such a location we proved once more that football doesn’t necessary need a stadium, but friendship and passion. Bergenbier released the challenge to all football fans in Romania! Anyone could play the Final on Copacabana Beach in Brazil! Intense media relations campaigns in the 30 cities that hosted the regional games triggered very good local coverage and online interest.

Case visual: