The Geeks - Generatorul de anunturi

Category: Best Brand Campaign


Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Online retail / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Mercador’s strategy was to convey a message appealing for both people who search for items to buy and also for those who sell them. As a way to attract both sellers and buyers, we decided that the role of communication should be to highlight that is the place where you definitely find buyers. This acts as a trigger for both sellers–who understand that they will find a match for their offer–and also for buyers, who gain trust by seeing that other people are using The “Ad Generator” contributed to this message by enabling people to create their own selling ads for potential buyers, but this time entertaining ads that would be worth sharing to their friends on Social Media. The app encouraged users to write down various words portraying things you could buy on and to experience personalized videos in which funny characters would sing / perform a selling ad for that particular product. The mechanic was chosen based on its viral effect and on its potential to make users interact with the app not only once, but several times (as they would get curious to test different words and see the ads that are generated). In order to increase its spreading even more, we added a promotional mechanism in which there were 50 sure wins (for users who reached 150 visits) and a lucky draw (one weekly iphone 5s and 2000EUR prize at the end of the campaign). User: tester Pass: pass2testit


During 15.11.’13-12.12.’13, we created an online application on Mercador website that would help users to create their own funny, personalized video ad for the product that they want to sell on Mercador. Users had to enter the name of the product they want to sell in the app and they would receive a funny video ad for that product. For each product a different video ad was generated. They could save their video ad to their Mercador account and share it with friends.

Case visual: