We didn’t receive a brief for this campaign. However, we knew that Piraeus Bank Romania was looking to hire 3 paid interns and that this was our shot. After some brainstorming we quickly approached our client with our idea: ‘The Social Interns’ campaign. Our insight was based on the fact that it is difficult to find good quality and interested interns due to the fact that companies in Romania usually look for unpaid youngsters, treat them with indifference and importantly laid off after 3 months when their internships expired. Piraeus Bank liked our idea and so we proceeded to execution. The results were spectacular. We managed to create a campaign without our client ever issuing a brief and to radically improve our agency-client relationship by doing so. Importantly, the Social Interns campaign, provided students with an opportunity to really work for a leading bank, getting an inside view of the industry, boosting their CV’s and career prospects and finally landing their dream job with Piraeus Bank.
General Information:
Strategy: The business challenge for Piraeus Bank was to find a large pool of potential interns who were good enough to add real economic value to the bank through their work. Moreover, the banking sector was perceived as boring among young people and so we wanted to help Piraeus Bank to change this perception through an innovative campaign that would appeal to our young demographic. We wanted to demonstrate to youngsters the ways that an internship can be as valuable as a real job, while always staying true to Piraeus’s slogan ‘in dialogue with you’
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