Nicecream.fm is an online radio broadcasting to an interactive crowd, launched at the beginning of may 2013. The online community is centered around a concept: “The endless summer”.
It features a high – fidelity 320kb/s MP3 VBR Stereo, with a specific playlist and a set of wallpapers using billboard advertising. As users can always pick their favorite ice cream flavor, Nicecream.fm delivers 3 simultaneous channels:
- Blue - Retro tunes from 50- 60s surf rock to get you up and running in the morning and jazzy all night. It’s 
classy & uplifting;
- Green - Office party: when everyone is getting ready to leave work and starts thinking about tonight. It’s chill & funky;
- Red - A cocktail of swing, downtempo with the touch of a warm breeze. It’s cozy & elegant.
The complex algorithm behind the software solution that manages the playlists customizes the playlists after facebook login, using parameters such as: the time of day, the type of content shared on facebook or time spent on a certain channel of nicecream.fm
General Information:
Strategy: The hardest question we had to answer was: “Can an online radio make a big enough audience with an alternative crowd?”
Nicecream.fm was launched in a period characterized by a shift in radio consumption on the Romanian market – from standard radio broadcast to digital, online radios. The strategic goal was to capitalize on this market trend and to obtain a big market share from one of the biggest broadcasting competitor, Radio Guerilla. We took the business decision after our market research study showed a clear convergence in online radio consumption and the affinity for the artists and music genres on our playlists.
A secondary strategic focus was obtaining audiences from abroad, as users were drawn in by the quality of the playlists and the reliability of our software and IT architecture.
According to a joint study by Triton Digital and Edison Research, 120 million Americans listened to “online radio” at least once a month in 2013; that’s 45% of the total United States population aged 12 years and up. Ten years ago, only 17% tuned in. Our studies showed that the number of online radio listeners in Romania is between 50 to 60.000. These stats show the growth potential for our market.
We defined the core audience for each of our 3 online products:
- Nicecream.fm Blue: male + female between 25 and 40 yo; Playlist includes The Doors, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave or Bon Iver;
- Nicecream.fm Green: male + female between 18 and 35 yo; Playlist includes Jamiroquai, Daft Punk, Gorillaz;
- Nicecream.fm Red: female between 18 and 30 yo; Playlist includes Moloko, Royksopp, Air.
The creative strategy included a mix of divergent and indie channels, the main one being alternative events. Nicecream.fm was featured at PLAI Festival, Ideo Ideis, Victoria Film Festival, Marea cu Sarea. Nicecream.fm became a household name at Control Club, Bicicleta Bar, BASM, Bar A1, Casa de pe chei, OHA Beach, or La Gazette.
The overall campaign objectives were:
- market positioning;
- consolidate recurrent traffic and average time on website;
- audience growth
The main metrics we used were unique visitors/month (with a target at 15.000/month), percentage of recurrent visitors (80% minimum), and time spent on website. (minimum 120 minutes/unique user/month).
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