During 2012-2013, we managed to refresh the social media landscape with quality posts and to gather roughly 200.000 fans to our Kit Kat’s Facebook page with the “The Five-to-Two News”. We offered fans a daily dose of funny news, which we posted daily at 13:55 sharp.
In 2013, our task was to find a new idea that could allow us to post diversified content, to create custom apps and to interact with our fans, all under a unitary concept.
General Information:
Strategy: Our objective was to expand our “break” territory: to go from covering news to a broader area of topics, while still incorporating the original 2012 idea. We also wanted to experiment with different posting hours, so we gave up our famous 13:55 mark. Instead we aimed for flexibility, diversity and fresh content, setting out to target young Facebook users with a witty sense of humor.
Another important goal was to keep making KIT KAT standout from the pages within its category, which all use similar approaches: random pictures of animals, interesting links and meaningless product shots.
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