In 2012, Renault Romania was the sponsor of the Romanian Olympic delegation, through a partnership with the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee. Because of this partnership, each medal won by a Romanian athlete in London was rewarded with one Renault automobile. Due to the 2012 Olympic Games, Renault Romania launched Renault Mégane Olympic with the motto: ”Carrying further the Olympic spirit!”.
The assignment of the agency was to develop a PR and social media campaign to communicate Renault’s initiative towards Romanian sportspeople and the special edition Mégane Olympic.
General Information:
Strategy: The London Olympic Games represented a great opportunity to show support for the Romanian Olympic delegation for many other brands as well, not only for Renault.
On a crowded communication scene, the campaign “Renault Romania searches and awards 100 ambassadors for the Olympic Values!” managed to catch the attention of mass media and all publics in a creative strategic approach: by bringing into the spotlight not only the Olympic athletes, as expected, but also common people who proved they had been living by the Olympic values!
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