The main objective of the project was to increase the interest for Opel GTC Astra in Romania, but also for the Opel Astra Carline in general

The client challenged us to maximize the benefits from having a new "Opel ambassador" in Romania – the TV star – Razvan Fodor - a young man with a cool attitude very appropriate as image endorser for the GTC Astra car.
General Information:
Strategy: Our target audience was both men and women 25-45 years old with an active life.
Having wide experience in creating special projects for Opel, we know that one of the best moment a brand can communicate with the consumer is when this is relaxed and have a positive attitude.
This is one of the reasons we have created a platform with interactive funny games having the same theme: AUTO.
We know that is a good way to engage with our Target Audience in the moment they are playing a game.
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