Starcom MediaVest Group - Samsung@Festivals

Category: Programmatic Advertising

Client: Samsung Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2019 / Technology / Winner

Strategy description:

Samsung provided a full experience to transform their summer into the best time of their life. Programmatic campaign communication festival goers’ to display brand messages in a relevant manner across multiple segments, leveraging moments of high receptivity. DIGITAL JOURNEY, building a smooth transition along the conversion funnel, from a user benefit content based communication to a product feature, sales focused message. 1. Upper funnel: engagement campaign to facilitate content engagement and generation, delivering festival related messaging via content based digital ads 2. Mid funnel: consideration campaign to generate product page traffic, delivering product features messaging via remarketing platforms 3. Sales campaign: sales message to generate conversions, communicating partners’ promotional offers


Programmatic campaign activation followed the consumer journey, as it allowed for granular definition of segments. Right Person: Segmentation Segmentation was performed at a very fine level, activating multiple data signals, to be able to deliver highly relevant messages (context & content), to reach a significant share of audience. A demographic layer (18-35) and an interest layer (music festivals) were the main criteria for targeting irrespective of further segmentation layers. Behavioral data was used to address users that showed previous interest in the product (audiences that landed on product website/ clicked on where to buy button during launch, pushed from the DMP that tracked launched campaign), as well as segmenting current campaign based on user position in the conversion funnel (engaged/ considered/converted). Based on device ownership, we had different segments for owners of Samsung, iPhone, Other Android, unknown. Right Place: Localization We extensively used geo-targeting on a radius that covered festival location for all communication that was relevant to showcase Samsung as on-premise experience facilitator. Right Time: Day-part Ads serving was differentiated based on part-time, to follow festival schedule and highlight Samsung events on premises and product features relevant for specific context (camera capabilities during night-time). Right Cost: Investment Optimization For engagement campaign we used mostly formats that could be evaluated against interaction metrics (video and interactive ads). For consideration and conversion campaign, we placed higher for more valuable audiences (lower in the funnel). We used Adobe Audience Manager as data management platform to track all relevant traits that served for segment build up & media deployment in the programmatic platform on mid and lower funnel remarketing campaigns. Detailed KPI were designed for each phase, with an exhaustive list of metrics monitored for optimisation against agreed KPIs. We had to sets of KPIs to optimize campaigns against volume & pricing. For ENGAGEMENT campaign we optimized against reach and ad engagement, for CONSIDERATION campaign we optimized against number of visits & cost per visit while for SALES campaign we optimized against conversion (click on “where to buy” and Cost per conversion). Samsung campaign taxonomy was employed for campaign setup, in order to be able to track ad performance throughout the whole journey – from impression to conversion, linking ad server (all creatives, all channels were tracked with Google Campaign Manager) to Adobe analytics data. Campaign taxonomy allowed for performance measurement on all segmentation axis, which made possible agile optimization on all targeting variables and different creative messages. A live Data Studio dashboard was providing instant access to campaign performance, which allowed us to deliver incremental improvement, fueled by data at the core.

Case visual: