MediaCom1 - Ikea Kitchen

Category: Best Performance Campaign

Client: Ikea

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Retail / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Beyond the usual campaign structure (website selection based on target, optimizing format selection based on past campaigns, creating different targeting models on programmatic/social/google, etc), performance was in focus for this campaign, due to the high pressure to deliver business results by the end of the fiscal year. The solution was to optimize the budgets accross the social, search and GDN campaigns through an automated solution that we calibrated a few months before the campaign. After carefully testing, gathering past data and fine tuning it we were able to boost the level of optimization, that was usually done only at channel level (Facebook individually, Google individually, etc).


This offered us an unparalleled level of optimization, automaticaly optimizing results cross-channel. All the channels had to work together for optimal results: - big formats on wetransfer or local display to create awareness - detailed targeting on programmatic, social or gdn to reach the right audience - carefully optimized search ads for the deal closer - as always, a mobile first approach with over 70% of campaign being delivered on mobile. The element that sets this campaign apart was the ongoing process of optimization and integration on social, search and GDN, cross channel.

Case visual:

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