MAINSTAGE | THE AGENCY - Manifesto .calif

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: .calif

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Food / Winner

Strategy description:

Calif needed to extend its target audience to also address the new Gen Z. With this plan of rebranding, it needed to make a stop and adopt a different attitude than your usual kebab makers. Leveraging one of the brand greatest asset, its social media community, the new brand .calif created a digital manifesto comprising of all lifestyle choices that the Gen Z loved.


After the teasing the brand reset with a provocative OOH placed above our main competitor's restaurant - Dristor - and building up on social media with posts featuring short behind the scenes clips of the spot, we dropped the bomb. The rebranding was launched at the Social Media Summer Camp, a series of conferences by Biz Camp. With a team of sky-divers that landed in a small, rounded area (on the dot/la punct fix) branded with .calif. After the landing the young phenomenon of the Romanian hip-hop scene, Psihotrop, uploaded it on the brand’s facebook page during a livestream video. The addition of Psihotrop to the project was meant to get even closer to the desired target audience of the new brand. The launch was amplified on social media, both Facebook and Instagram, through posts of snapshots from the spot through the rest of the campaign.

Case visual: