MediaCom1 - Fairy ADW

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Procter&Gamble

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Fmcg / Participant

Strategy description:

Our solution was precise targeting at scale. The solution we found for driving results was shifting from broad targeting (based on category users interests that were not very precise - i.e. interested in tech) to precisely identifying automatic dishwasher owners and then scaling communication. The campaign consisted of 2 pillars: 1. Build a precise audience group by communicating broadly and creating an audience out of the users who clicked to the website; users were tagged based on content they are interested in. 2. Scale up and retarget: create look a like audiences in Facebook and communicate both Awareness messages and ‘Buy It Now’ messages linked to e-retailer page, so we both drive awareness and sales.


Every media channel had a different role in the quest to find the automatic dishwasher owners and close the sale: - Local publishers - via Native Advertising - were used for generating new and relevant traffic (dishwashers owners) in landing page and create a base for the dishwasher owners we were interested in. - Social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) were used to build custom audiences and then to scale up the campaign via look-a-like audience.

Case visual: