Mind Treat Studios - "Drumul Taberelor" Game

Category: Best Native Advertising Campaign/Project

Client: Drumul Taberelor Shopping Center

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Retail / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Let customers discover the new commercial experience through an online game close related to the concept. We developed a unique gaming experience that aimed to recreate the exact experience offered by the rebranded comercial center. How? Using an established game mechanic from Solitaire and combining it with the game principles from 2048, we created a personalized game that reflected the core values and changes of the rebranded center “Drumul Taberelor”. Through this game concept - designed to look and reflect the new visual identity & communication concept “Here for Drumul Taberei”, we managed to recreate the story of the center: the already known center unveils a new look & feel. In a subtle way, but with strong relevance, the way we intertwined two game mechanics led to the creation of a new and unique experience for users, experience that reflects the rebranding process the center went through.


The main purpose was to engage with residents from the neighborhood and make them compete for the area they live in (inside the neighbourhood) and in order to that, we gave a creative spin to the Drumul Taberei map (that is also the logo of the new commercial center “Drumul Taberelor”). Before entering the game, each user had to pick one region for which he wanted to play the game. Each game session contributed with points to the previously selected region. The players had to reach the highest card in the game - 2048, using different tactics and making the most out of our special card that doubled the number of one card. We wanted customers to discover the new experiences and services within the center in a memorable and fun way. The 6 main commercial areas were represented within the game through eye catching designs displayed right on the cards. Each card represented one of the commercial area and with every card matched the result was a new card design along with the short display of the area name (ex: Food court/ Sport/ Shopping). These in game details helped us shape the way customers get familiar with the new experiences. We wanted to reward our users, to know from where our audience is from and how to get in touch with them for further announcements. The rewarding component and the collection of personal data was an important aspect of the campaign. In order to check these two aspects we designed a data collection form that helped us asign prizes and identify our audience. The prizes were instantly assigned, but one could pick up the reward only by visiting the commercial center within two specific days. Our creative concept revolved around the community and how can we promote the rebranded center, provide instant fun and in the same time find the right means to nurture that feeling of belonging. In order to get even closer to the target group, to be relevant and to engage in the conversation, we created a word cloud that was displayed for the first time during the launching event. The names of the players, the most common ones, were distributed on the neighborhood map, reflecting the region they played for. Use of media - We used the image of Vlad Munteanu (famous young vlogger) within game. We created a special card that doubled the value of cards. On 20-21 October, a two days event was held at Drumul Taberelor to celebrate the rebranded center. In this weekend, customers that played and won an instant prize could come am pick up their well deserved personalized bracelet. Special guest: Vlad Munteanu. Campaign video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fe56a2VgEWs Vlad Munteanu vlog (campaign mention 08:30): https://youtu.be/i2ldqzyDviI?t=516 LIVE DEMO MECHANICS HERE:

Case visual:

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