The "Sandwich and off you go" project is an interactive guide that brings together the most beautiful ten places in Romania with personalized travel recommendations and the recipe of a special sandwich inspired by the area.
In order to amplify the message of the Hochland Campaign "Traveling in Romania", the Ringier Romania Special Projects Team created for the Hochland client and the Avantaje.ro brand a design with a dynamic and interactive microsite through which readers browsed the ten places in Romania on a horizontally moving map. For each place, readers discovered an article with special things to see and do on a journey there, including practical tips, pieces of history, trails and places to visit, but also an original recipe for a special sandwich with Hochland melted cheese alongside typical ingredients for that place.
10 trails, 10 special sandwiches inspired by Bucovina, Apuseni, fortified citadels from Transylvania, lakes in Retezat, Danube Delta, Cazanele Dunarii, Vulcanii noroiosi, Mocanita, Sarmisegetuza, Comana. Our readers opened their appetite for adventure and good taste.
General Information:
Strategy: Together with our client, we set up to promote the Hochland melted cheese line to the Romanian digital audience through an out of the ordinary approach, naturally blending commercial messages with useful information for the readers. We wanted to avoid the predictable way of talking about a food item, meaning through cooking shows, so we chose to address the readers’ affective worlds: emotions and senses that are engaged when someones explores food culturally, through travel, for a complete and unforgettable experience.
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