Ringier Romania - Hall of #1s

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Coca Cola

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Drinks/Alcohol / Participant

Strategy description:

The strategic business and marketing challenge was to communicate that Coca Cola Zero is no1 on the market and to create favorability for the brand using the power of memories and the emotion of reliving things from the past. Our target audience were women, 20-50, mid & high income with high education. We create an interactive section of number 1s, like Coca-Cola Zero is, from the last 10 years, with a very diverse content. We wanted to make users to choose between years, to remember the hottest things that happened in the last decade. The main objective was to gain favorability for the brand and improve sales.


In order to achieve the main objective of the campaign and gain favorability for the number one brand, we’ve created an interactive gallery of stories about cultural products that were number, starting with 2007 - the year when Cola Zero was launched, highlighting that it’s still the number one brand among sugar-free cola drinks even ten years later. We put together an interactive list with the hottest number ones, from our country and from abroad between years 2007-2017.

Case visual:

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