Kinecto Internarional - Put Yourself in Their Eyes!

Category: Best Social Media Campaign

Client: Climb Again

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / ONG / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Nine of ten visually impaired persons in Romania do not leave their homes, are socially inactive and unemployed. Over the past five years, our friends from Climb Again managed to give many blind young people a real chance of social integration. Through climbing! This year, their ambition was to extend this recipe for success and help many more visually impaired young people. Our goal: to raise awareness about the blind children in Romania and build a sports therapy center for them. That is, to raise 100,000 euros. Secondary objectives: Build a larger and stronger support community around Climb Again Further motivate the existing Climb Again beneficiaries to continue their sports sessions and reach their full potential. Blind children are often challenged even by the simplest activities, like tying their shoes, or taking the bus. We wanted to get people to empathize with their everyday struggles by placing themselves in their shoes for a few moments.


We launched the "Put yourself in their eyes!" campaign asking people to donate 2 euro via text message. We built fast reach through a dedicated TV spot filmed with the children from Climb Again. Impact on TV was strongly supported in digital where the video ran on YouTube and went viral on Facebook. Our next step was to activate influencers on Facebook through an unconventional challenge: "Place yourself in their eyes!" They had to do a very simple, everyday action... blindfolded. Then, record the whole thing, share it on Facebook, and pay it forward to their friends and followers. The tag started from actress Crina Semciuc ... ... and continued with Marius Manole, Maia Morgenstern, Cristian Manafu, Dana Rogoz, Mihai Calin, Olimpia Melinte, Dani Otil, Codin Maticiuc ... and lots of their firends. They all participated voluntarily; no budget was invested in an influencer campaign. The online campaign stirred the interest of traditional media and Climb Again was featured at „Neața cu Răzvan și Dani” at Antena 1 and in an extensive reportage for Digi24 as well as on blogs and YouTube shows. The buzz also got the attention of other influential people and companies who jumped in to help.

Case visual: