Ringier Romania - Feel Good Challenge

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Intheline

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Cosmetics / Participant

Strategy description:

The strategic business and marketing challenge was to introduce a quite expensive and unknown but with great results brand - Intheline cream, increase its brand awareness within the Romanian market and promote it to an audience with a regular budget to spend on beauty products. Our target audience was women, 20-50, mid & high income, high education. Regarding the creative and media strategies, we got back to the roots. We are who we are, beauty is a state of mind, we should be feeling good in our own shoes. So we used video content as a vlog, the endorsers filmed themselves without makeup in their own houses being themselves. You are who you are and that’s enough and great.The overall objective was to increase awareness for Intheline products. Change perception about the product’s target from a very exclusive to a mid-high range.


In order to accomplish the main goals, increase significantly the brand awareness within the Romanian market and gain the trust of the potential customers, we developed a video journal with sincere conversations in the Romanian digital world about perceptions and about the difference between reality and appearances regarding womanhood, with two charismatic ambassadors, Ana Morodan and Ana Baniciu. In addition to that, every woman who watched the show was encouraged to give up prejudice and misconceptions and discover the elements that make them feel good in their own skin. The video series were released on Facebook and YouTube, but was also hosted on a special microsite where, through a timeline design, readers discovered each episode as it was released. The digital content the users consumed was completed by articles with recommendations for a more relaxed life, from nutrition tips to spending time in nature.

Case visual:

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