Centrade Integrated - Pass the Heartbreak

Category: Best Video Campaign

Client: Samsung Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Technology / Participant

Strategy description:

We aimed to show the power of an international brand in uniting two nations that are disappointed for not being part of the Football World Cup. It was about bringing people together, finding common ground and start a conversation about what we have in common, rather than what makes us different. The campaign revolved around the usage of Samsung products in order for football supporters to show their passion, although their teams are not playing. Our target audience for this campaign were men, age between 25 to 44 years old, experience seekers. They are fascinated by the modern technology and love to stay informed about it. They like having tech that is a conversation starter and to impresses their friends. Technology is also a way to display their success, a reflection of their life style. The objectives: - Generate tailored content for a special targeted segment of Samsung’s audience, men with age between 25-44, a valuable part of the brand’s desired target, by addressing to one of their biggest passions: football; - Generate qualitative engagement through comments from fans supporting both teams in a very positive way in order to demonstrate that technology brings people together; - Awareness for SAMSUNG’s flagship products form TV, domestic appliances and mobile categories.


Our campaign went cross countries to make the tifosi di squadra azzurra feel better. We would take common pain points of football disappointment and create compelling content to address them: shorts videos that would have Samsung products in the center of it, presented by a die hard Romanian fan. We would further engage consumers, giving value to their tips and tricks. The campaign started on Facebook page with a host explaining the initiative and inviting users to write in the comment section tips for the Italian fans that are heartbroken. The video series continued with episodes displaying Samsung products features that can help fans overcome their pain. The campaign run on Facebook, having Instagram and Samsung Members App support under. The official hastag - #PassTheHeartBreak. The budget for this activation was less than 20.000 Euro

Case visual: