Mullen Lowe Profero1 - Colonization by Orange

Category: Most Experimental & Innovative Campaign

Client: Orange Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Telecom / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Objectives Raise awareness about Orange smart shop and its products, among the young target, along with reinforcing the brand’s positioning and values: technology and evolution. Generate engagement and traffic by better connecting brand experience and services, which in Telco are mostly intangible, to retail locations - the Orange smart shops network. In order to meet the awareness objectives, we put accent on the maximization of the media reach. In order to evaluate the engagement, we measured the number of the platform registered users and of the game sessions, which were implicitly product-testing sessions. Target Young people who use mobile devices as portals to instant entertainment. Heavy consumers of urban culture, outgoing and outspoken, embracing technology as an enabler of personal experiences. Creative strategy Challenge Besides being a mobile telecom leader, Orange Romania is also an important retailer, through the Orange smart shop network. But in the Internet era, it’s hard to make people equally enjoy a store visit, especially young ones… So how to make retail assets more relevant for a generation which has become used to accessing entertainment rather by swiping fingers than sliding doors? Solution We started from a straightforward remark: while our target does access a lot of content on their devices, most of the viewing is rather passive. Orange smart shops pride themselves with providing a high level of interaction through their skilled staff and hands-on trial of the latest technology. This resonated best with a very particular form of entertainment, which has become hugely popular: gaming. Indeed, 45% of 18-35 urban Romanians play games at least weekly (SNA Focus) and 2-4 hours are spent daily in video games ( Ziarul Financiar. “Piaţa de jocuri video din România merge spre 100 de milioane de Euro”, July 2018). Many of them would appreciate an upgrade to the latest technology, showcased in our shops. But hardware alone wouldn't be enough to fully engage them. We needed to have a unique, ownable attraction built into our devices. That's how we decided to take Orange from a technology leader to a video game creator. Idea We launched our own, Orange-designed video game which was only available in Orange smart shops, a very unconventional retail experience. The in-store game Colonizarea (Colonization) was an a-synchronistic multiplayer system allowing players to experiment the same game in multiple ways: 6 missions to be accomplished from 8 smart devices. The game was launched by Orange, as part of “Tech a Break” (a tech events platform, hosted by Orange smart shop), in partnership with Samsung. Media strategy The game was available for playing exclusively in Orange smart shops, between May 22nd – August 12th 2018, and it was promoted with an integrated campaign through the following media channels: in-store, online, outdoor, social media and PR.


1. In-store interactive experience In 25 Orange smart shops in Romania, we created interactive consoles, connected to 8 devices for 6 different players. Every device offered the experience of another game character. This turned the game, into innovative product testing sessions, and the console became a support for cutting-edge merchandising. The game had 2 big objectives: Fly to and survive on Mars. The target had to interact with one or more Samsung last generation products in order to solve every mission: Controller – Samsung S8 plus; Pilot – Samsung TAB S3; Biologist – Samsung Galaxy Tab A; Athlete – Samsung J5 2017 and Samsung Gear Fit 2 bracelet; Engineer – Samsung Note 8; Captain – Samsung S8 and Samsung Gear VR 3 controller. Everybody won based on the accomplished missions and gained points: data (up to 10 GB), vouchers (20% discount for Samsung products), smartphones (6 Samsung Galaxy S9) and a 5000 Euro trip to NASA for 2 persons. For the game launch, Orange gathered together the community of Romanian gamers in Orange smart shop, who were the first ones to play and to register in the platform. 2. Remote interactive experience Social media & PR tactics The community of Romanian gamers played the game in Orange smart shop, but also generated content and made buzz on social media. The game was appealing for the passionate players, but managed to be engaging enough to generate content and interactions with a larger public… During the launch and afterwards, the KOLs interacted with the fans via dedicated vlogs and articles, Facebook lives on their official Facebook pages, over 30 social media captions from KOLs. The larger young target also had the opportunity to play the game at their favorite festivals (Summer Well, Untold, Neversea, iCEEfest), which generated social media content through Instagram stories. Promo campaign tactics The promo campaign went: in-store (with video branding and POS materials); online (with dedicated webpage, online banners and interactive video galleries); contextual (on and,) outdoor (with a special video display); social (on Facebook and Instagram) and PR (at the festivals relevant for the young target). Besides the social media and PR tactics, many the online executions were based on the interaction with the users. Ex. interactive video galleries; video banners that played only on user’s interaction. Conclusions With Colonization, Orange developed an ownable digital asset, strongly linked to the brand positioning (technology and evolution) and also to its retail zone (promoting the Orange smart shop network). This is why we consider it an unique and interesting execution of the developed strategy. Budget: 20% of the total budget was allocated to the media component (campaign’s execution). 80% of the total budget was allocated for the game creation.

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