The Good Company1 - The Otter Shoes

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Otter

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Online retail / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

But how we do this so that people would remember Otter, on and on? By adding an extra-layer to the brand attributes, not exploited before. Which brought the people closer than ever, to the brand and to themselves. It all started with a question which easily became our number one insight: why are the people keep saying that “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR?”. Are we really sure about that, when opening our closet? While, for us, this is just a way of saying that we want more, for others is the harsh reality, the lack of options. So, why not fulfilling our desire to buy something new, while helping those in need, at the same time? This is the beginning of The Otter Shoes campaign, a CSR project in which Otter has been, together with the Red Cross and the Twin Wash partners, the trigger that helped the people to get involved and think outside their own shoe closet. Thus, their shoes continued their way to make someone happy, without being forgotten in the NOTHING TO WEAR statement – encouraging Otter clients to clean their closet and their mind as well. The campaign mechanism was simple and easy to be understood, in three steps: 1. enter and ask for the courier to come; 2. prepare your package; 3. make someone happy. This act of generosity did not involve buying a new pair of shoes (this was always optional, the good deeds came first).


The main campaign's purpose: to reach larger targeted audience and to convince them to join in. How: buy asking two well-known endorsers to be part of our story – Cristina Bazavan, former journalist and well-known online influencer and Marius Manole, one of the most reputable and visible Romanian actor, both of them recognized for their acts of generosity and their involvement in social problems. They have started our campaign and explained the order steps, by sharing their own stories related to the shoes they have agreed to donate, during the project. The communication started with call-to-action messages, targeting the Otter community, by making use of owned (campaign LP, SM channels, newsletters), earned (community's shares, partners' shares, media coverage, SM reactions etc) and paid media (influencers' communication, media campaign, etc). The campaign has also included a personalized DM which encouraged the people to get involved and donate: an empty box (when opened, the bottom hid a T-shirt with the campaign message – they kept the t-shirt and filled in the box with their shoes). And….it worked. A lot of people called/wrote/send their message to be part of our initiative. After one week, other multinational companies have contacted us, asking to agree to become part of The Otter Shoes campaign. And their number is still growing, day by day. More than that, a lot of offline partners agreed to spread the word. Inside their locations, we placed shoe closets, where people could bring their shoes to donate (among them, The Journey Pub, Serendipity, Acuarela, Dianei 4, Fundatia Calea Victoriei, J'ai Bistrot, Geen Hours, Lente, Clubul Taranului). And this list will go on!

Case visual: