Wavemaker - Save Ardealul from Black Friday

Category: The Never Made Campaigns

Client: NA

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Food / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Source of growth. We analyzed and determined that it is not feasible to bring category non-users because it is a decreasing category. Rather there is an opportunity to bring competition users, as there is no rejection of Ardealul and tend to be open to switching brands. Thus the source of growth are the 2.4 million competition buyers. At the shelf the product converts well among consumer who take it into consideration. Thus the opportunity to grow is to convince more people to put it on their consideration set. To achieve this, we need to create a Blue Ocean brand positioning: which is unclaimed by any competitor, but is relevant and attacts attention. So we mapped the positioning of all brands in the category on 6 basic human needs: - Security: Bucegi, Mandy and Scandia - Status: Bucegi and Scandia - Variety: Ardealul, and partially Antrefrig - Emotional connection: Bunica - Growth: Hame - Giving Back/ Contribution: Nobody Thus the solution to grow is to position as Giving Back and Variety How to achieve this positioning? Tradition x Giving Back x Unexpected Tradition: Ardeal pate is associated with Ardeal region, which is considered: traditional, slow and steady, beautiful, and that various enemies are trying to steal it from Romanians Giving Back: all protests and actions from the past years show that Romanians are starting to want more and more to improve Romania, to give back to create a better country for all Unexpected: campaign period is November. The most important event in November is Black Friday. Yet there is a trend for civic sense, coupled with an increase of the interest for sustainability and minimalism. This leads to the solution: Save Ardealul from Black Friday This is an online platform where people can buy pieces of an abandoned village of Ardeal (e.g. fence, wall). But they do not receive an actual product, the money is used to rebuild a village in Ardeal. The village is Rachita village, population 2 at present. One of these inhabitants is a hardworking ardelean who came back to his home village after 20 years abroad. He came back to renovate the village. Until now he has renovated 8 houses and a church. Thus there is already an initiative which we can amplify, rather than start from zero.


Mechanism: consumer donates through an online platform. In this platform he can choose specific building in the village for which he donates. In this platform there is also a map where you can see the progress of the donations and rebuilding for each part of the village. The actual rebuilding: achieved through partnership with the hardworking ardelean and with Habitat for Humanity. Amplification: Paid with the objective to bring people to the platform: TV+OLV, influencers from Ardeal (ex. Nicolae Furdui Iancu), Digital: programmatic on civic spirit audiences, Native, contextual GDN, display, Facebook Lives from the rebuilding, YouTube TrueView. Also we can hack the huge number of searches for Black Friday with a message that stands out by being anti-consumerist. Special projects to bring people on the platform: partnership with ‘Visuri la Cheie’. News about abandoned villages and this project. Sponsorship in ‘Romania Jos Palaria’ Earned: the project itself will generate interest and media among news, bloggers and vloggers WOM Mechanism: the most powerful way to make it known is through the participants, motivate the mto tell others. How? A plaque with the names of all who donated on the site and at the entrance to the village. Thus each of them will be motivated to show it to their friends and family. Also we will send regular newsletter with the progress of the rebuilding to each donor. This is a technique proven on Kickstarter to transform crowdfunding participants in fans and advocates of the project. Link the platform to zero moment of truth – at shelf decision, through prizes for buying Ardealul linked with the project: objects with traditional motifs, and the big prize: winner names a street in Rachita village. Long-term: as parts of the village are rebuilt, and after the project is completed, make it a hip place for relevant events. Make it the place to organize events for other projects that give back to Romania. And where people can come, relax, and feel they contribute to the good of Romania

Case visual: