Category: Best Digital PR Campaign


Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Auto / Participant

Strategy description:

BASED ON TRUE STORIES This story of MEC is not a onetime story, but the story of many Romanian entrepreneurs and brands who had on their shoulders the mission to carry on or to create LEGACY. So, #DriveYourAmbition campaign is about LEGACY and bringing forward the stories of Romanian entrepreneurs: I. that reinvented themselves to carry on their family legacy (#CarryOnLegacy) II. who created their own legacy to further give to the next generations (#CreatingLegacy) Objectives of the campaign: - Increase the brand awareness of Mitsubishi Motors and reposition it through Eclipse Cross, the new image vector - To generate “buzz” and “word of mouth” in an unconventional way for the new Eclipse Cross; - To have a 3 months, low budget campaign, able to offer coverage in other media than the classic one (press, outdoor advertising, events etc.) THE KEY MESSAGES: Bold design, dynamic driving, innovative technology, tradition. We involved 12 entrepreneurs from a variety of industries: artistic, medical, services, home & deco, fashion, FMCG, e-commerce. #CreatingLegacy - Maria Dermengiu, Marie Nouvelle; Ana Maria Marian, Intermedicas – Second Opinion; Ioana Selner, Nunta pe Plaja; Marius Tudosie, Bacania Veche; Mihai Patrascu, Evomag; Ruben Perju & Iosif Harasemiuc, NOAH; Alexandru Sautner, Cremeria Emilia. #CarryOnLegacy - Razvan Chelu, Lemnia; Ionut Leahu, Clinicile Dr. Leahu; Anamaria Stefan, Sophia Romania; Alina & Elena Cernatescu, Alina Cernatescu Fashion; Dan Mitrea, Neuroaxis.


COMMUNICATION AXES: 10 minutes documentary videos about the entrepreneur’s story and brand; Photographic storytelling; One-week test drive. CHANNEL MIX Own photo & video content of the entrepreneur; Own community of each entrepreneur: events attended, friends etc..; Facebook, Insta (secondary - YouTube); Others: Newsletter to the Mitsubishi Romania Clients Data Base and Media Relations post campaign. Based on a detailed research, we created an 18 options list of entrepreneurs for each of the 2 categories, as we anticipated that, for various reasons, some might decline the invitation. Then, we sent the invitations by phone and email, announcing they were selected by Mitsubishi Motors to tell their story in the campaign #DriveYourAmbition - Entrepreneurs Who Create Legacy. Kindly note, the entrepreneurs were not paid for their performance. We spent half day with each entrepreneur, listening to their stories both in their office and while driving the Eclipse Cross. The movies were shot with Canon DSLR equipment and Sony Action Cam (in the car), to make them feel spontaneous, not based on a previously agreed professional script. The interviews followed general lines adapted for each category #CreatingLegacy/#CarryOnLegacy: the mission of the business, the major changes they made, the values/learnings for the following generations and "what drives their ambition”. The story started in the office, but then we introduced a SURPRISE element. When they left for meetings, the Eclipse Cross was waiting in front of the office and we videotaped their reactions when they first saw the car. After a brief technical training, we continued the story in the car. The entrepreneurs were revealed step by step in the campaign, during the 12 weeks. We used Mitsubishi Romania Facebook & Insta account, while the YouTube campaign playlist was just a secondary tool to have all the videos in one place. We followed a strict 5 days calendar: Monday - updated collage of the campaign status, Tuesday – teaser about who the next entrepreneur might be, Wednesday – revealing the entrepreneur through photo storytelling, Thursday – revealing the movie, Sunday – funny behind the scenes videos. We also had ran a brief teasing campaign on social media one week before the campaign start and a wrap up week at the end of the campaign movie & photo. The videos can be played within the PDF document attached

Case visual:

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