Mindshare - Cornetto mini-game

Category: Best Interactive Experience

Client: Unilever

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Fmcg / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Insight: Mobile games are very popular with young audience, Cornetto target, which is spending more and more time connected into mobile games world. Strategy: The strategywas to expose the brand in a non-intrusive manner to the audience by developing a minigame in partnership with Gameloft and introducing Cornetto as the secret help for getting in-game rewards. Main KPIs: • Engagement: user who started the ad format flow • Complete Engagement: user who completed the ad format flow. • ER: engagement on delivered impressions. • CTCER: clicks on complete engagements. • CTR: clicks on total delivered impressions. • CEIR: complete engagements on delivered impressions • CEER: complete engagements on the total amount of engagements registered for the ad format.


The mini-game was served as an interactive 30” ad in the main Gameloft Network games. The game was served when people passed from one level to another and/or when they ran out of lives; if they played they would get an in-game reward powered by Cornetto. The materials were developed by the publisher based on the brief from the client and agency, keeping the style that the gamers were used to, making it perfectly integrated into the platform. Through its interactive features, the game would engage the users while presenting the different flavors of the ice-cream: requiring the user to look for the same type of ice-cream (3 in a row/diagonal) would also make him/her aware of the flavors the ice-cream comes with. The budget of the campaign was 100% digital.

Case visual: