Mindshare - Cornetto - Waze, Games and Vloggers

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Unilever

Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Fmcg / Participant

Strategy description:

- What is important for a teenager? - The Iphone - Even more? - The Internet - Even more… - A Crush! That’s why Cornetto wants to occupy the territory of summer crush. On the Internet! The Brief: This summer Cornetto had a strong message to pass to 12- 20 youngSTERS, the brand’s global call to action: “Break The Ice”.


We found 3 ways to be relevant • 1. by location - in Bucharest, the 5th most congested city in the world, there are around 800,000 Waze unique user monthly. Through Cornetto pins, we aimed directly for the drivers going to the seaside, the upper age segment of our target. Waze was used to communicate in purchase locations’ proximity; • 2. by activity - Romanians are heavy online game players. A campaign with different types of targeting was developed within the Gameloft network, where one million people play every month; • 3. by content - we raised the challenge: how to “get out of the friendzone” and “land in the lovezone”? Since Cornetto has no experience in love, what better way to be authentic than with vloggers? The entire vloggers campaign was built by positioning the brand as a “wingman” in “break the ice” situations, mastered by top vloggers: • 1. Tequila, the biggest girl vlogger in Romania, conspiring with her group of friends to help her BFF get together with her “crush”, in a series of 8 episodes; • 2. Munteanu Twins, who speak openly on “how to break the ice” in a series of 4 episodes. They were trying to “educate”, but also engage with their young followers by 'decoding' the meanings of specific messages received on social media, such as: "What does it mean if your crush sends you a heart on WhatsApp?" or "How long is it OK to stay in "seen"? “What's the good answer to that?" About 75% of the campaign budget was dedicated to online.

Case visual: