Lion Communication Services - The Quick Drive Home

Category: Best Content Marketing Project


Year / Domain / Status: 2018 / Household appliances / Participant

Strategy description:

THE PREMIUM CONVENIENCE SEEKERS Since we had to launch a premium, innovative product, we also talked to a high-end target: the premium convenience seekers; with a high income and education, yet a very crowded lifestyle, they expect from their domestic appliances to anticipate their needs, to make their life easier, more flexible and help them organize things more efficiently. However, the washing machines are currently the “Cinderella” of home appliances, being considered rather basic. Also, these convenience seekers care more about the flexibility they get when using efficient products, rather than the number of rotations per minute. SPARKING A CONVERSATION ABOUT A PRODUCT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT Quick Drive was a high-importance product to be launched in one of the lowest involvement home appliances categories, by a brand lacking a link with this segment. We knew we weren’t going to meet our goals by simply generating awareness. To move the needle, we had to make them be open to a conversation about washing machines and find a way to get this relevant message go through. How could Quick Drive involve its audience in a conversation they were so reluctant to? Since our premium consumers had other interests than rotations per minute, we had to open a talk around Quick Drive that was less about features and more about some extra-flexibility.


DELIVERING THE PRODUCT BENEFITS THROUGH THE CONTENT FORMAT So, Quick Drive had to be about adapting to their program - fully washing in half the time, hence delivering extra-mobility. Creatively, this led to The Quick Drive Home – a video-content campaign, delivering the product benefits straight through its format. We developed a series of funny conversations about balancing career and free time, topics rooted in their lifestyle, in a format they were familiar with. All in all, the perfect solution for the situation at hand. One of the most established Romanian comedians (Vio) took his guests for a drive home, while the Quick Drive did the laundry, remotely controlled. To cover diverse interests of our consumers, we invited a cooking vlogger (Teodora Rogobete), a journalist (Julius Constantinescu) and an actress (Dana Rogoz). Starting the washing process was solved within the first seconds of the video with only one tap, allowing the rest of the ride home to be about funny, real conversations. But the challenge was not over. We continued our campaign with an online journal kept by local influencers, that highlighted Quick Drive’s super power to offer extra-flexibility. Introducing Quick Drive on the Romanian market, while proving that presenting revolutionary features washing machines don’t have to be boring. But rather entertaining.

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