Interactions - Mega Image – The Virtual Garden

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Mega Image (brand Gusturi Romanesti)

Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Retail / Winner

Strategy description:

Gusturi Romanesti is built upon the following values: fresh, organic products, full of nutritional values, with no trace of artificial fertilizers. The objective was to focus on these values so we decided to give consumers a feel of the work and processes that stand behind the production of fruits and vegetables sold under this brand. The campaign was launched in autumn, when crops are usually harvested. Our idea was to develop an online platform where users could play the character of a farmer.


FarmVille revealed users don’t mind spending time looking after their virtual assets, but what if you could actually own in real life what you grew online? We developed a virtual garden on Facebook where anyone can grow their own crops and sell them to Mega Image. For 6 weeks users played a strategic game: they had to make judgment calls when facing weather difficulties, money issues etc. 9 winners received limited editions of fruits/vegetables named after them and sold in Mega Image’s stores.

Case visual:

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